Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sheetrock Damage

Sheetrock damage from leaks can be a real pain, in this case, it had leaked long enough that a wide area had warped and started to sag.
  The only option at this point is to rip out all the bad sheetrock (in this case about 1/3 of the living area) and tie in new bracing and install new.
   A projece of this size is costly and messy. 
  This was an older house and it had a popcorn ceiling.  A texture gun with a hopper is a must with this type of ceiling!!   I would NEVER recomend buying popcorn in a spraycan or rolling it on. 
  Sheetrock in my opinion is tough unless you have quite a lot of experience with it, I would recomend finding a friend or relative that knows something about it and offering them a good home-cooked dinner.... or maybe 20 : )

Happy Sheetrocking

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